For over a decade, Jeanne has provided absolutely beautiful illustrations for the medical terminology book that I author. Her work is accurate, timely, and unquestionably lovely.
Betsy Shiland, Author, MS, RHIA, CPHQ, CTR, CPC, CCS 

Jeannie, it is so perfect I can’t believe it. I never would have thought of such a neat figure that explains such a complicated structure so eloquently.
Amy Rucker, DVM
, Contributor; Equine Emergencies, Ed.4

I wouldn’t work with any other artist but you. I think it’s been 11 years that we’ve been in this exclusive artist/editor relationship. Many marriages don’t last that long.
Linda Woodard, Managing Editor, Elsevier Education

I love working with Jeanne on all large and complex art programs. Jeanne is organized, responsive, and an excellent problem-solver. I can rely on Jeanne to communicate directly with my authors to take complex concepts and turn them into beautiful illustrations. She is very professional and talented. Best of all, my authors love working with her!
Shelly Stringer, Managing Editor, Veterinary Medicine, Elsevier Education

Your illustrations will be a wonderful boost for this great book!
James A Orsini, DVM, Dipil ACVS, Author, Equine Emergencies

Jeanne is highly professional, highly knowledgeable in medical illustration, and very creative. At times, I have provided her with nothing more than stick figures or very amateur renderings. She always seems to “get it” and this comes through in the beautiful illustrations she consistently provides. When there is a back-and-forth revision process of the illustration, Jeanne is very gracious and accepting of the customer’s needs. She is my No. 1 “go-to” illustrator. I would highly recommend Jeanne to anyone who needs a highly-competent medical illustrator.
Billie Sharp, Managing Editor, Elsevier Education

Jeanne is an excellent illustrator who communicates well with her clients. Her work is clear, beautiful, and timely. She is a pleasure to work with.
Tamara Myers, Senior Editor, Elsevier Education

Jeanne is an expert in the field of medical illustration. Her clean, accessible style, creativity and accuracy are perfect for taking a complex idea from concept to reality in a way that students find easy to understand.
Laura Bayless, Senior Editor, Elsevier Education

Have I told you how much we like working with you?
Edith Holmes, Executive Director/Publisher, JOSPT

Yes, it was difficult to just choose three positive attributes for Jeanne Robertson! Jeanne knows medical anatomy and can show it to the level of detail needed for a variety of audiences. She is creative, timely, reasonable and personable, too! I have worked with Jeanne on many medical texts for nearly 15 years and am always pleased with the results. Jeanne’s drawings are clear, colorful and accurate. She has a special knack for being able to translate words into art when a client is more verbal than visual. Jeanne is truly special in that she can work easily with editors and authors and produce premium products.
Carolyn Kruse, Kruisin Editorial

We’re so happy to have you on our team, Jeanne!!!
Penny Rudolph, Publisher, Veterinary Medicine, Elsevier Education